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Output Feedback Control of Antilock Braking System

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This paper deals with the problem of output feedback control for Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Most of the previous works, dedicated to ABS control, have been developed on the assumption that all the state variables are accessible for measurement by physical sensors. However, this assumption is hardly ensured in practice for the vehicle linear speed and the braking moment in particular. Actually, in order to avoid using these sensors, the proposed ABS controller is developed based on a nonlinear state observer for online estimation of the vehicle speed as well as the braking torque by exploiting only the wheel angular speed measurement. Based on a quarter vehicle model, the proposed ABS output feedback controller is designed using the backstepping technique in order to optimize braking performances in the presence of wide variations, in road conditions. By using tools from the Lyapunov stability, it is formally shown that the closed-loop control system enjoys a global stability. Accordingly, it is possible to tune the controller design parameters so that it meets its objectives with high accuracy. Using Matlab/Simulink, these theoretical results are confirmed by simulations involving a wide range variation of the road conditions. The supremacy of the proposed controller with respect to standard control solutions is also illustrated through simulation.
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ABS Braking; Luenberger Observer; Backstepping Control; Lyapunov Stability

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