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Comparison of Different DC Motor Speed Controllers

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Control of DC motor is a popular practice, consequently, the controller of the DC motor speed is essential. The main aim of motor speed control is to keep the motor rotation at the present speed, and to drive a machine at the speed of demand. Process mathematical model has been designed utilizing plant data i.e. firstly without controller and secondly with three controllers independent from each other. Linear Proportional Integral Derivative (LPID) and Nonlinear Proportional Integral Derivative (NPID) are presented here. In addition, the speed of a DC motor is controlled using Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). It has two inputs: one is the speed error and the other one is the change in the speed error. Center of Gravity (COG) is the method utilized for defuzzification. The results of the controllers are compared to each other and to the one with no control in in order to clarify the features of the presented controllers. The ability of the proposed FLC is explored by the numerical simulations in controlling the speed of DC motor to a desired value within fast time. After a comparative evaluation of the results done between DC motor without FLC and with FLC system in terms of characteristics, utilizing MATLAB/Simulink, it has been found out that FLC has more efficiency and effectiveness than the system without this controller.
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DC Motor; Speed; Control; LPID; NPID; FLC; Fuzzification; Defuzzification; COG; Mamdani; Constant Reference; Sinusoidal Reference

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