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Control System for a Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Proportional Integral Controller

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Currently, Morocco, as other countries with no own oil resources, is facing a double challenging task: meeting the increasing electricity demand and keeping energy import level under control.  The main solution for these countries is to move towards renewable energy sources if its potential allows it. Wind energy is one of the renewable sources considered for large-scale production and recently for small-scale plant due to the emergence notion of distributed energy and Hybrid Renewable Production Systems. However, this type of generator is known for its design complexity as well as its control system and the adequacy of generator topology for a certain application. For this purpose, this paper highlights the generators used most frequently in wind conversion and provides an overview towards wind power conversion topologies. Furthermore, the wind conversion system of a three-blade horizontal axis permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbine, vector control and maximum power extraction using Particle Swarm Optimization combined to linear control applied to are also investigated and simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK in this work.
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Electrical Generators; Wind Turbine; Particle Swarm Optimization; PI Linear Control; Vector Control; MATLAB/SIMULINK Simulation

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