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Distributed Systems and Industrial Communication Networks with the Internet of Things, Aimed at Industry 4.0

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This research is based on the exchange of information from distributed systems through the application of industrial communication protocols and the web. The method used in this work is defined by the configuration of different parameters of the communication protocols of each of the industrial processes that make up the distributed system. In order to centralize this system, a Master PLC, 4 slaves, 3 HMI's, an IoT 2040 and a Computer are used in order to exchange and acquire information through a SCADA system with the TIA PORTAL software. The results obtained are a function of the configurations of each communication protocol; in Open Protocol, the read/write registers corresponding to each equipment are connected through Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU. In ProfiNet, they are connected  through databases and information transfer areas, allowing the exchange of data from a multivariable process, such as flow rate and water level,  as well as the proportional position control of cylinders actuated by a pneumatic and hydraulic system, respectivel. Finally, when sending or receiving information to a field device connected to an IoT platform in the cloud, the communication nodes are configured with the help of the software flow programmer NODE-RED, which allows remote control and monitoring in real-time (RT) through the WEB. This flow engine with IoT approach allows the configuration of each one of the nodes and at the same time creates intuitive graphical interfaces for the user, allowing proper communication from the system to a Web Server known as IoT platforms and vice versa.
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Industry 4.0; Internet of Things; NODE-RED; Industrial Networks; Distributed Systems

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