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Experimental Validation of a Non-Linear Sliding-Mode Control Based on a Washout Filter Applied to Microgrids

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This paper presents an experimental validation of a non-linear sliding-mode control based on a washout filter when is submitted to alterations in the load, control parameter, and voltage reference. The numerical and the experimental tests are compared to visualize the non-linear effects caused by the power electronic converters and a comparison of the errors obtained for both test is presented. The results show that similar behaviors are presented in both cases with low error in the controlled variable vc. Furthermore, when representing bifurcations, both tests show similar behaviors, although the experimental test has a low displacement in the signal. This method is useful to monitor non-linear effects of micro grid and to design new filters or modify settings in the parameters.
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DC Power Converters; Constant Impedance Load; Washout Filter; Real-Time Validation

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