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Real Single-Phase V/f SPWM Inverter for Induction Motor Speed Control Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

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This paper shows detailed design and implementation of SPWM inverters for single-phase induction motor speed control. The technique proposed in this paper is a constant V/f one. A constant V/f technique is used to set fluxes on the air gap; it can be kept constant by keeping the ratio between voltage and frequency constant. Therefore, a single-phase induction motor will maintain the ability of torque at each speed. With a constant V/f technique, an induction motor can operate at relatively constant torque. In this paper, the FLC is used as a speed controller. FLC has good performance with the fast response time. The design results have been implemented using a single-phase induction motor while maintaining a speed of 1200 rpm. Based on the test results, in order to reach the setpoint, the response time value is 0.061 seconds. When given interference, FLC performance can work to restore speed according to the setpoint.
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V/f; SPWM Inverter; Fuzzy Logic Controller; Single-Phase Induction Motor

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