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Automation of Structural and Parametric Synthesis of Electronic Document Management Systems Based on Neural Network Architecture

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The task of the structural-parametric synthesis automation of electronic document management systems (EDMS) is considered to increase the efficiency of the design process, to reduce the time of modernization, and to reduce the influence of the human factor during the development of EDMS software. This task remains unresolved due to its complexity and the impossibility of full automation due to the presence of many factors that require man direct participation. However, it is possible to increase the level of automation in solving the problem of structural-parametric synthesis by changing the architecture of electronic document management systems, its decomposition and ensuring the isolation of individual units. Based on the analysis of successful approaches to automate the process of structural-parametric synthesis in various subject areas, the original concept of EDMS architecture is formulated, providing the possibility of automated design of the system in the process of its structural-parametric synthesis. The proposed architecture should take into account the specific features of the domain where EDMS is implemented, while remaining fairly universal, should include all software and hardware components of EDMS, the structure of information flows, a list of necessary functions, the influence of the user and the characteristics of his equipment. Based on the proposed concept of architecture, it is planned to further develop the appropriate mathematical models, algorithms and software, combined by a common methodology, in order to deliver and to solve the problem of the automation of structural-parametric synthesis of EDMS.
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Electronic Document Management Systems; Neural Network Architecture; Structural-Parametric Synthesis; Automation of Information Systems Design

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