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Implementation of Heuristical PID Tuning for Nonlinear System Control

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Quadcopter based technology utilizes a hybrid structure that delivers the ultimate services for auto control system and managements. The main objective of this study is to identify PID parameters for real nonlinear system, which is a Quadcopter flying based on certain parameters via experiment method. The control law has been programmed in Teensy development board wired to 10-DOF IMU ‘Inertial Measurement Unit’ and other sensors in order to get a home-made autopilot. Accordingly, the procedure for PID controller is tuning the autopilot using ‘Ziegler-Nichols’ in order to identify the three parameters of PID which generate a stable response in lowest time-consuming. The Z-N ‘Ziegler-Nichols’ has been implemented in real time case for Quadcopter application through altitude stabilization in a nonlinear system. In conclusion, the results shows that, the significant contribution of Ziegler-Nichols implementation in nonlinear system of the altitude stabilization has been accurately defined as an alternative method of Ziegler-Nichols which has been originally designed for linear system only.
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Teensy 3.2; Heuristic Procedure Implementation; PID Control; Altitude Model of a Quadcopter; Ziegler and Nichols Method

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