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Nonlinear Feedback Control for a Complete Wind Energy Conversion System

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A nonlinear full control system for a complete wind energy conversion system is investigated in this paper. The objective of the control is to maximize the captured wind energy and to reduce the aerodynamic loads of the turbine devices. The control structure is performed in cascade through two control loops. The internal regulation loop achieves effective tracking of the active-reactive power and electromagnetic torque of the generator, while the external regulation loop guarantees a precise tracking of the optimal value of rotor speed, in order to extract the maximum power available whatever the climatic conditions. The proposed nonlinear controller is developed based on the state feedback technique with the sliding mode approach for the external loop, and the state feedback technique with the classical PI controller for the internal loop. A nonlinear model of the aeroturbine and the DFIG generator is used to test the suggested control strategies under a variable wind speed. The whole wind turbine is modeled and simulated in MATLAB toolboxes. The simulation results are compared to nonlinear techniques recently published in this field.
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Variable Speed Wind Turbine; DFIG; Sliding Mode Approach; PI Controller

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