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Design of Terminal Sliding Position Control for Electronic Throttle Valve System: a Performance Comparative Study

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This research article presents the design of two sliding mode control schemes represented by sliding mode backstepping controller (SMBC) and terminal sliding mode controller (TSMC) to control robustly the angular position of electronic throttle (ET) plate. The stability analysis of throttle valve system controlled by SMBC and TSMC has been studied and the asymptotic convergence of angular position errors based on each controller has been proved. In addition, the finite-time convergence concerning the sliding variable of the terminal sliding mode control strategy has been investigated and addressed. Moreover, the paper has taken into account the constrained control effort dictated by the limited supply battery. The effectiveness of the proposed sliding mode control schemes for throttle valve system has been verified using computer simulations on MATLAB format. Accordingly, the comparison in performance is established between the proposed control schemes and the results based on computer simulations have showed that the terminal sliding mode controller outperforms the sliding mode backstepping controller in terms of robustness and transient characteristics.
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Terminal Sliding Mode Control; Sliding Mode Backstepping Control; Electronic Throttle Valve

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