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Estimation of Ground Reaction Force for Quadruped Robot Control Using a High-Gain Observer

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Ground reaction force is one of the most important information for legged-locomotion control. This paper presents a novel design of an observer for estimating the ground reaction force of a quadruped robot without force sensors. Simple dynamics model of a general quadruped robot is derived by assuming that the robot’s fore and hind legs can be treated separately, and they can support force provided by opposite legs and the ground reaction force are considered as external disturbance force to be estimated by a disturbance observer. Simulation results show that the proposed observer can successfully estimate the ground reaction force even though the leg is in its swing phase. The estimation of the ground reaction force by the proposed observer may be applied to the controller design using the ground reaction force such as Zero-Moment Point and Central Pattern Generator modulated by the ground reaction force.
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Disturbance Observer; Ground Reaction Force; High-Gain Observer; Nonlinear Observer; Quadruped Robot

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