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Velocity Control of a Mechanical System with a Spring-Based Regenerative Brake for Energy Saving in Industrial Applications

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Since global environmental and energy resource exhaustion problems are becoming more serious, hybrid vehicles equipped with a regenerative system composed of an electric motor and a battery are attracting attention. However, the application of this type of system to personal mobility or industrial machines is difficult due to their smaller mass compared to vehicle systems; in order to mitigate this, authors have developed a new type of regenerative system using a spiral spring. This paper proposes a robust speed controller design using a disturbance observer in order to achieve the desired motion for industrial applications, and to analyze the regenerative efficiency of the proposed system. Experimental results show that the proposed system can provide energy saving of approximately 39% and it can improve the ability to follow the target velocity trajectory.
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Energy Saving; Hybrid System; Regenerative Brake; Spiral Spring; Wheeled Mobile System

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