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Design and FPGA Implementation of a New Intelligent Behaviors Fusion for Mobile Robot Using Fuzzy Logic

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A new intelligent method of behaviors fusion for mobile robot applications is implemented. The developed fuzzy architecture control can activate multiple behaviors at the same time. The degree of activation (DA) of each behavior is handled intelligently to ensure the autonomous navigation of a mobile robot in a dynamic and uncertain environment. An odometric system adapted with all unicycle platforms is elaborated too, allowing the determination of the position and orientation in real time of the robot. The whole architecture is tested and implemented via an FPGA using the VHDL hardware programming language. The calculations are done in fixed point to save the consumption of FPGA blocks, and to keep the accuracy to perform all tasks during navigation. Waveform and experimental results indicate the relevance and rapidity of the system, and show the possibility to embark it in different robotic platform such as two-wheeled wheelchairs, and within various navigation environments.
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Behaviors Fusion; Fixed Point; FPGA Implementation; Fuzzy Logic; Sensors Fusion; Unicycle Robot; VHDL Code

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