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Charge-Discharge Regulator Controlled by a Microcontroller for PV Applications - Design and Realization

Safa Hakim(1*), Brahim Bouachrine(2), Lahoussine Bouhouch(3), Ali Moudden(4)

(1) Physics Department, University Ibn Zohr, Faculty of Sciences, Morocco
(2) Physics Department, University Ibn Zohr, Faculty of Sciences, Morocco
(3) ESTA (High School of Technologies of Agadir), IbnZohr University, Morocco
(4) Laboratory of metrology and information processing, Faculty of Sciences of Agadir, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



In a photovoltaic (PV) installation, especially the autonomous one, the battery is the weakest link. It is used to store the energy produced by solar panels, but it needs some protection against overcharge and deep discharge, which can damage or destroy the battery. Therefore, an appropriate charge or discharge regulator must be installed, whose role is to continuously monitor the state of charge by separating the use when the voltage is too low, and to prevent any overcharging of the battery. In this article, authors designed and produced a solar regulator whose principle operating was based on a command generated from a PIC microcontroller 16F876A. This microcontroller commands four relays: one is connected to the battery, the second to the load; the third one to PV panel and the last one for the test. Experimental results were also presented in order to illustrate the functioning of the proposed charge/ discharge regulator.
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Photovoltaic; Battery; PIC 16F876; Regulator

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