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Robust Control of a Chemical Multivariable System in the Presence of Strong Uncertainties in the Model Parameters

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This paper deals with control method for chemical multivariable systems with time delays and interactions between loops, which is a significant problem of uncertain linear control systems. The distillation column model is required to satisfy certain robustness conditions. The design of robust H∞ controller for this system provides new and important results. The distillation column was tested with a nominal model and various uncertainties. Within uncertainties in the process will be modeled variations of gains alone, and gains and delays simultaneously for different set point changes, disturbance rejection. The simulation results of the distillation model ensure a robust stability and performance. An excellent decoupled response with zero tracking error is done in all simulations using Matlab/Simulink software.
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Multivariable Systems; Robust Control; Uncertainty; H-Infinity Control; Robustness

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