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Fuzzy-IP Controller for Voltage Regulation in a Stand-Alone Microgrid System

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This paper presents a method that combines fuzzy inference system and Integral-Proportional named Fuzzy-IP controller to regulate an independent microgrid voltage with a distributed energy resource unit. The unit employed photovoltaic (PV) array with DC voltage converted to three-phase AC voltage. The control design was carried out through modeling and simulation using Matlab software environment. Transfer function with the 2×2 structure using system identification has estimated the non-linear plant model. Two controllers transformed the a-b-c to the d-q axis coordinates of voltage to simplify linear control design. An oscillator is applied to set frequency according to the recommendation. The results show that the compensated case-study system using Fuzzy-IP with disturbance tracked the setpoint excellently and it regulated the voltage properly including frequency control using internal oscillator. The paper presents performance superiority of the proposed method over PI control by comparing the transient response, the mean squared error, and the root mean squared error.
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Smart Grid; Microgrid; Energy Control; Distributed Generator; Distributed Energy Resource

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