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Automated System for Substantiation of Commercial Production Recovery from Water-Flooded Gas Wells

Nikolay Alekseevich Solovyov(1), Artem Faatovich Valeev(2*), Aleksey Olegovich Salikhov(3)

(1) Department of software, Orenburg State University, Russian Federation
(2) Department of software, Orenburg State University, Russian Federation
(3) Department of software, Orenburg State University, Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



The paper is devoted to the results of studies on commercial gas production recovery from water-flooded gas wells by means of controlled pumping off the formation fluid based on simulation models of the system "formation-well-flow-line". Method for determining of dynamic fluid level in the annulus of a water-flooded gas well is proposed. The structure of the information-measuring system to pump out the formation fluid is proposed, which is characterized by the presence of the model "formation-well-flow-line" in the measurement contour of the dynamic level of the reservoir fluid in the annulus.  Simulation system of technological processes of "formation-well-flow-line" with pumping out the reservoir fluid has been developed. Information and software support for simulating the technology of gas production with controlled pumping out of formation fluid has been developed. It is regulated by pump capacity and throttle position. The developed automated system of simulation allows justifying the application of the proposed technology for the recovery of commercial gas production from water-flooded gas wells.
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Water-Flooded Gas Well; Electric Centrifugal Pump; Dynamic Level of the Reservoir Fluid; Performance Curve; Software; Simulation Model; Automation; Control

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