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Processor in the Loop Experimentation of an Integral Backstepping Control Strategy Based Torque Observer for Induction Motor Drive

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This paper proposes the design and the implementation, using Processor In the Loop “PIL” approach, of a Backstepping control strategy for induction motor “IM”. The proposed control strategy is based on a state-space model of IM in the rotor flux reference frame and uses an integrator to enhance the accuracy of the controlled system. This work also presents the design of a load torque observer using Luenberger method. The load torque estimation is indeed required for accurate determination of the control law. Code generation and validation of the proposed control algorithm use Matlab/Simulink R2017b and Code Composer Studio CCSv7 software platform. In addition, LAUNCHXL-F28069M development board based on TMS320F28069 DSP from Texas instruments is used as target for implementation. It should be noted that, in this work, parameters of controller and observer are calculated according to the desired performances. Obtained results prove that these requirements are met.
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Integral Backstepping Control; Induction Motor; Processor in the Loop; Space Vector Modulation; Load Torque Luenberger Observer

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