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Improving Characteristics of a Linear Electric Motor of a Servo System by Means of Adaptive Control with an Exo-Model

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This article focuses on creating a simulation model of an electric motor engaging linear forces to move a servo drive hydraulic valve. The new simulation model of the electric motor gives an analytical description of nonlinear features that quite accurately match with the experimental dependences. There is a representation of the nonlinear static mechanical characteristics of the linear electric motor with an analytical thrust characteristics and the reaction of the electromagnetic force and the elastic spring force of a mechanical spring. A synthesis is given by the method of Lyapunov functions of the adaptive control algorithm with an exo-model in the form of multiplication of fast and slow subsystems for multi-speed technical servo systems with limited uncertainty. The results of the practical studies are given on the example of an adaptive control system of an electrohydraulic servo with a linear valve control motor.
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Linear Electric Motor; Simulation Model; Adaptive Control; Exo-Model; Servo System

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