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Effect of Kaiser Window Shape Parameter for the Enhancement of Rotor Faults Diagnosis

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To show the reliability of new methods developed for the induction motors rotor faults diagnosis, a comparison is often made with the classical method based on the estimation of the Power Spectral Density by Periodogram (PSDP). The authors of the new methods always criticize the PSDP method for its drawbacks related to the smoothing and side effects of the selected window function. This paper aims at showing that the PSDP based on the Kaiser window associated with an adequate calculation of the shape parameter can overcome these drawbacks. This calculation which takes into account the characteristics of the stator current spectrum, will improve the detection of the faults while retaining the main advantage of the method, namely a fast calculation time. The experimental results obtained show the positive contribution of the proposed approach on the reliability of the diagnosis of the incipient faults.
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Induction Motor; Diagnostic; Rotor Fault; Spectral Analysis; Window Function; Kaiser

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