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NPC Multilevel Photovoltaic Inverter with Nonlinear MPPT Using Boost Converter

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This work proposes an advanced control of power converters used in photovoltaic solar energy. The boost converter and NPC three level inverter are usually associated with photovoltaic cells. A maximum power point tracking algorithm is adopted in this case to maximize the output power by using the sliding mode control approach. For three level inverter, five command strategy is applied in order to compare their performances: PDPWM (Phase Disposition PWM), PODPWM (Phase Opposition Disposition PWM), APODPWM (Alternative Phase Opposition Disposition PWM), COPWM (Carrier Overlapping PWM), PSPWM (Phase Shift PWM). The total harmonic distortion (THD) is evaluated for the various modulation index. Finally, validity and effectiveness are verified through a simulation in Matlab/Simulink.
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Photovoltaic; Boost Converter; MPPT; Nonlinear Control; Sliding Mode Control; Multilevel Inverter; PDPWM; PODPWM; APODPWM; COPWM; PSPWM

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