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Mathematical Models of Thermalphysic Processes in the Production of Multilayer Composites by the Polymerization Method

Alexey Akimov(1), Vitaly Tugov(2*)

(1) Department of economics, humanities and science, Orenburg branch of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Russian Federation
(2) Department of management and informatics in the technical systems, Orenburg State University, Russian Federation
(*) Corresponding author



The article considers the simulation of thermal physic processes in multilayer cylindrical constructions. Mathematical models for the full cycle of composites production (preliminary heating, polymerization and cooling) are developed. The authors examine peculiarities of Hankel finite integral transformations method and isothermal surfaces method as applied to solving simulating tasks. Heat emission is measured in the course of polymerization. The developed mathematical apparatus allows to create simulation software. The authors give recommendations to improve control system for polymerization process. The authors determine a direction for further research.
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Heat Transfer; Polymerization; Multilayer Constructions; Composites; Phase Transition

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