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Comparison between LCL Passive Damping Filters and Parallel Active Filter in a Solar Conversion Chain Connected to the Electrical Network with Nonlinear Loads

Ihssane Chtouki(1*), Malika Zazi(2), Mohamed Amansag(3), Marouane Rayyam(4)

(1) ENSET Rabat, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(2) ENSET Rabat, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(3) ENSET Rabat, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(4) ENSET Rabat, Department of Electrical Engineering, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



This article is focused on the production of electricity from a solar photovoltaic panel. Here the harmonics problem is treated as one of the issues of photovoltaic panel integration into the network. This work focuses on the rejection of harmonic disturbances caused by the presence of non-linear loads and static converters in the solar conversion chain connected to the network using: parallel active filters compared to traditional and modern solutions of passive filters (L, LC, LCL), damping LCL filters with series and parallel resistors. A simulation with Matlab/Simulink environment of the photovoltaic system is used considering: the DC-DC converter (boost), the parallel active filter, the passive filters, the network, a nonlinear load and a solar inverter performed for PWM control strategy. Conventional techniques (Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)) and instantaneous power methods ('p-q' Theory) are used to calculate and identify the harmonic current.
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Photovoltaic Generator; DC-DC Converter (Boost); Passive Filters (L; LC; LCL); Damping LCL; Parallel Active Filter; PWM With Natural Sampling; Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)); ('P-Q' Theory); Harmonic Current

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