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Parameters Identification of Industrial Induction Motor Using Manufacturer Data Sheet and Power Quality Analyzer

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This paper intends to identify circuit parameters of an installed induction motor in an innovative way which is different from standard tests. In this paper, easily available motor manufacturer data is used by which rated output power, rated terminal voltage, full load efficiency, full load power factor, nominal speed, number of poles, and locked rotor current are provided. In order to estimate the parameters, nonlinear mathematical equations of motor are derived and iterative Gauss-Seidel method is used to solve them in MATLAB. Identified parameters are then transferred to MATLAB/Simulink model of the motor to simulate its performance during Star-Delta start. Validation of parameters is evaluated by comparing the result of Simulink with real-time measurement of an industrial Power Quality Analyzer.
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Induction Motors; Power System Simulation; Power System Analysis Computing; Power System Measurements; Iterative Algorithms

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