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Active and Reactive Power Control in 20 kV Grid Connected Distributed Generation System

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Distributed Generation (DG) system is one of the applications of a renewable energy. The aim of this study is to get a system design that can adapt itself to the needs of active and reactive power output of the Distributed Generation system, which consists of Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Turbine (WT) connected to a 20 kV network. The power output of PV and WT is controlled to get the maximum power using a boost converter. The fuzzy logic controller is used to increase the efficiency of the power system to maintain power equilibrium. The DC-link voltage on the PV and WT is at 650 Volt converted into 380 volt using 3-phase AC inverter and increased using a Y-Y connected step-up transformer up to 20 kV. The system is modeled with MATLAB. The simulation results show the proposed scheme can supply power to the load or grid at 20 kV, 50 Hz.
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Distributed Generation; Maximum Power Point; PV; Wind Turbine; Fuzzy Logic Controller

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