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Tracking Error Compensation of XY Table Ball Screw Driven System Using Cascade Fuzzy P+PI

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This paper describes the potential of the fuzzy logic technique and cascade controller in improving the tracking performance of the XY Table Ball Screw Driven System. The proposed controller used in this research is Cascade Fuzzy P+PI. This proposed technique is compared to other techniques, namely PI and Fuzzy-PI controllers, for the purpose of proving the ability of both techniques in producing good results. The performances of the systems are analyzed to two cases, with and without disturbance. The disturbance case involves the form of cutting force with different spindle speeds which are 1000 rpm, 2000 rpm, and 3000 rpm. Besides, in order to examine robustness, the system is operated under different frequencies of 0.3 Hz, 0.5 Hz, and 0.7 Hz. The results show that the combination of Fuzzy Logic technique with Cascade Controller, which is known as Cascade Fuzzy P+PI, successfully, provide a good performance with an increase of 55% to 71% compared to other methods tested in this research.
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XY Machine; Cascade P+PI; Fuzzy Control; Tracking Performance; Disturbance Compensation

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