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Detection of Open-Circuit Fault in a Three-Phase Voltage Inverter Fed Induction Motor

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In this paper the detection and localization of the open-circuit switch of an inverter fed induction motor is investigated. The fault detection technique used in this work is based essentially upon the calculation of the mean value of the stator currents by employing two different approaches: the Park’s d-q stator currents approach and the three-phase stator currents approach. The inverter switch fault is localized by knowing the fault angles derived from the mean value of the d-q currents for the first approach or by directly comparing the mean value of the three- phase currents with respect to a known value of the threshold for the second approach. The work is first carried out using simulation work and then all obtained simulation results are validated by experimental work. A comparative study based on the results is then presented to show the effectiveness and merits of the two approaches.
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Diagnosis; Mean Value; Park’s Vectors; Trajectory; Open-Circuit Fault; IGBT; Inverter; Fault Angle; Dspace1104

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