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Design of Adaptive Control Technical Systems with Limited Uncertainty Based on Exo-Model

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An approach to the construction of dynamic plant control systems with limited uncertainty based on the use of exo-model is developed. The concept and properties of exo-model as approach to the synthesis of control are formulated. Synthesized adaptive controls based on the proposed approach for multirate exo-models of technical systems with the presentation of the results in the form of theorems are discussed. The adaptive control provides an asymptotic stability and relative roughness to the unaccounted dynamic subsystems with small parameters. The dynamics research results of the adaptive electrohydraulic actuators of aircraft flight surface illustrate the stabilization of a given quality of servoactuators dynamic characteristics in conditions of some significant changes in the parameters, and in the action of external power disturbances, confirmed by full-scale tests on the drive factory samples.
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Adaptive Control; Exo-Model; Lapunov’s Functions Method; Electrohydraulic Actuator

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