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Simulation and Implementation of a Domestic Wind Power Generation Scheme with Improved Power Quality

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An isolated wind power generation scheme with battery storage system is proposed in this work. The objective of the design is to provide a simple and robust power factor correction for domestic power generation. The unity power factor creates a resistive load across the generator terminal. A low cost DSP based single chip design is suggested for the AC-DC-AC wind energy storage system. The scheme is illustrated through simulation studies using MATLAB and a prototype of 1.8 kW permanent magnet synchronous generator, controlled by TMS320F2407 DSP. The results shows that the system provides continuous charging even at low operating speeds, with power quality improvement. A battery equalisation algorithm is added to enhance the life of acid batteries.
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AC to DC Converters; Power Factor Correction; Energy Storage; Wind Power; Digital Signal Processing; Harmonic Distortion; Renewable Energy

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