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MIMO MPC Control of Distillate and Background Concentration to Binary Distillation Column in Discrete State Space

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The distillation process is one of the most important in the industry. It is a broad field with great potential for its study, improvement and control, through technologies that are being created. The new control models seek to improve the response times of systems and to reduce energy consumption, since refining and distillation plants consume considerable energy in a process. Moreover, many authors state that chemicals process are the ones which waste more energy. In recent years, this type of systems, predictive controllers, began to be applied in order to improve process efficiency and product quality. Using simulation software, it is easy to test the effectiveness of the controller and to determine if their behavior is the one desired. In this paper it is shown the functioning of a MIMO MPC controller starting from Laguerre functions, applied to a binary distillation column, and introducing the mathematical development of functions and the cost equation for order 41 system in discrete space states. It is also done the implementation for the Plant-Controller scheme in X and its subsequent simulation, analyzing the behavior of the responses to verify the robustness of this type of controller.
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Distillation; Multivariable; MPC; Optimization

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