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Design and Development of a Multivariable Control for a Distillation System Using Fuzzy Logic

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Most systems have several measurement variables to be controlled and several manipulated variables. Many traditional industrial processes are essentially multivariable nature boilers, blends, paper plants, distillation columns, chemical reactors, heat exchangers, steam distribution networks, air conditioning systems, etc. A unique phenomenon of these systems is the interaction occurring among their variables, so that an input affects several output variables, which can greatly hinder the design of the control system. This paper presents the design of a multivariable decoupledcontroller implementing fuzzy logic using the method of Mamdaniwith the MATLAB fuzzy toolbox. The previous, through the validation of the Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) system of the binary distillation column are used for separating methanol and water. The results of simulation cases studied are presented.
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Binary Distillation; Multivariable Control; Fuzzy Control; Simulation; MATLAB; Simulink

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