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A Backstepping-Like Approach to Coordinated Excitation and STATCOM Control for Power Systems

Adirak Kanchanaharuthai(1*), Arsit Boonyaprapasorn(2)

(1) Department of Electrical Engineering, Rangsit University, Patumthani, Thailand
(2) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chulchomklao RoyalMilitary Academy, Nakhon-Nayok, Thailand
(*) Corresponding author



Enhancing transient stability and voltage regulation of an electric power system is one of the challenge problems in power systems. Recently, advanced nonlinear control methods such as an immersion and invariance (I&I) control and a backstepping control have been applied on the power system. Even though the methods have been applied successfully, the controller design procedures are complicated. Thus, applying the simpler control, backstepping-like method, on the power system including STATCOM is investigated in this study. The simulation results illustrate that the proposed method could achieve both desired system transiently stability and the dynamic properties under severe disturbances. Despite having a simpler design procedure, the control performance in terms of power angle stability, frequency and voltage regulation of the proposed method is almost equal as those of the I&I method. Additionally, it exhibits the superior stabilizing effect over that of the backstepping method.
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FACTS; Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM); Excitation Control; Transient Stability

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