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Analysis of Microturbine and Battery Storage System in Grid-Connected and Off-Grid Operations

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This project was done for the design and the control of microgrid using microturbine and battery storage system. The design and simulation were simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink software. Therefore, the study of the purpose and of the operation of microgrid in power system has been studied and investigated. The microgrid of this project operated in a grid connected mode and islanded mode or off-grid mode. From the beginning, this project has been focused on the distributed energy of the microturbine and battery storage system. Both the distributed energies have been designed and simulated by using MATLAB/ Simulink. The output data such as power, three phase voltage and three phase current have been measured and analysed. The result of the simulation has been discussed in this report. Next, the project has been continued by combining the microturbine and battery storage system with the grid connected. The three phase breaker was assigned to isolate the distributed generation power system and grid. The analysis of the voltage, current, active power, reactive power and frequency at the load has been measured and analysed in the operation of microturbine and battery storage system in grid connected and off-grid or microgrid by using MATLAB Simulink software. The results have been discussed and analysed in this paper.
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Microgrid; Distributed Energy; Microturbine; Battery Storage System

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