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Robust Control Strategy for Maximum Power Point Tracking and Unity Power Factor of a Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

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A new control strategy for a system of three phase grid connected to a Photovoltaic array without DC-DC converter will be presented. This proposed controller is based on a non-linear state model; it permits to combine two methods: Optimal voltage point generator and Backstepping technique with an integral action. The simulation results showed that the maximum power point tracking and the unity power factor are achieved under atmospheric conditions changes and system’s perturbation. This controller accomplishes all the aims with a fast response and a very good precision. It is highly robust in dealing with the voltage’s harmonic distortion and system’s parameters disturbance compared to other techniques.
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Power Converters; Maximum Power Point Trackers; Photovoltaic Cells; Photovoltaic Systems; Power Conversion Harmonics; Pulse Width Modulation Converters; Solar Energy; Three-phase Electric Power

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