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Mean Square Stability Based on H∞ Control for Uncertain Networked Control Systems with Random Data Loss

Dhouha Chorfi(1*), C. Mnasri(2), M. Gasmi(3)

(1) Institut National des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie, Tunis, Tunisia
(2) Al Kharj Technical College, Tunisia
(3) Research Laboratory of Informatics for Industrial Systems (LISI) at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT), Tunisia
(*) Corresponding author



This paper studies the design of uncertain linear discrete-time Networked Control Systems over imperfect communication channels with time-varying data loss. This leakage is modeled as stochastic parameter and norm-bounded uncertainties. In addition, this paper defines the necessary conditions for the design of the dynamic output feedback controller; subsequently, an iterative LMI approach is specified to compute the controller state parameters. The simulation results show that the designed controller improves the H∞ disturbance attenuation performance of the concerned uncertain system.
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Networked Control Systems; Robust Control; Uncertainty; Data Loss; Dynamic State Feedback Controller; Iterative LMI

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