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A New Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for a Variable Speed Wind Turbine

El Mehdi Mellouli(1*), Zakaria Chalh(2), Mohammed Alfidi(3), Ismail Boumhidi(4)

(1) LESSI laboratory, Department of physics, Faculty of sciences Dhar El Mehraz, Morocco
(2) LISA, Engineering Laboratory, Systems and Applications, National School of Applied Sciences, Morocco
(3) LISA, Engineering Laboratory, Systems and Applications, National School of Applied Sciences, Morocco
(4) LESSI laboratory, Department of physics, Faculty of sciences Dhar El Mehraz, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



In this paper, we present a novel adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller without reaching phase and chattering problems for a variable speed wind turbine with unknown dynamic parts. The approach is based on modifying the sliding domain equation through the use of logarithmic functions. The adaptive fuzzy law Takagi-Sugeno (TS) model is used to approximate the unknown dynamic parts. In this model, only the rotor speed is available, an asymptotic fuzzy observer is used to approximate the unknown rotor acceleration which is needed to synthesize the control law. The stability and effectiveness of the proposed control law are proved and the simulation is given to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed approach in comparison with the previous one, in terms of settling time, tracking accuracy, energy consumption and smoothness of the control input.
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Variable Speed Wind Turbine; Adaptive Fuzzy Technique; Sliding Mode without Reaching Phase; Triangular Observer; Lyapunov Stability

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