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Pneumatic Model of Measuring Probe in Voltage Acupuncture Skin Mapping with Influence of Frequency of Driving Signal

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Our contribution deals with the method of the voltage-impedance map measurement process involving a pneumatic model of measuring probe. The conventional mechanical telescopic electrodes show significant disadvantages while placing them on a difficult or non-plane surface. Depending on the covered shape the electrodes do not have sufficient contact to the skin in one case or the closest tips are pressed almost completely in, causing a significant higher force than the rest of the measuring probe and causes also measuring discomfort for human object of measurement. To achieve a better coverage of any skin area and get a reduced force range of the touching electrodes a new pneumatic version of measuring probe has been implemented. The essential parameter for the correct measured results is the steady contact of the skin-electrode and the frequency of driving harmonic signal.
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Acupuncture Point; Human Skin; Measuring Probe; Pneumatic Electrodes

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