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Control System for Double Inverted Pendulum on a Cart by H-Infinity Controller

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This paper describes a control system for Double Inverted pendulum on a cart (DIVP) which is mechanically unstable in the upright position. Actually, this system is a non-linear system and under-actuated mechanical system. H-infinity control system is one of the robust control systems, which are guaranteed to make the system stable with good robustness and performance as well. Actually, the DIVP model has some uncertainty parameters, which occur during fabrication that can make problems for the control system. Therefore, H-infinity control system is one of the good methods to solve this problem. The mixed weight H-infinity controller can be found from MATLAB. Then, this controller is applied in LABVIEW to control the DIVP model. The simulation result shows that controlling the DIVP model on LABVIEW by H-infinity controller can make the DIVP system stable at the upright position, even when the system is subjected to external disturbance.
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Inverted Pendulum; H-Infinity; Robust Control; LABVIEW

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