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Micro-Macro Bilateral Control in Delta Robot

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This paper presents new method to perform micro-macro bilateral control system in robot with non-linear kinematic property between task space and controllable space. An example is the parallel Delta Robot which is selected due to better interaction with human, light weight, fast movement and 3-dimension movement. The conventional micro-macro bilateral control using Hadamard matrix cannot achieve micro-macro bilateral properties of Delta Robot due to dimension shifting which leads to differences in both position and force space and loss of sensibility in haptic interface properties. The actual robot is built with design properties of low friction that reduce the complexity of dynamic model of Delta Robot. The controllable space or joint space is converted to task space using mathematic model. Moreover, the force applied on task space is estimated using sensorless force control system or disturbance observer and converted to task space by Andre Olsson’s dynamic model of Delta Robot.
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Parallel Robots; Force Control; Haptic Interfaces; Robot Control; Robot Kinematics; Robot Sensing Systems

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