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A Proper Power Ratio Selection for Electric and Combustion Motors in Hybrid Parallel Electric Vehicles

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Determining the power ratio of the electric motor to the total power in parallel hybrid electric vehicles is of great importance that has a major impact on electric vehicle performance. The so-called Hybridization Factor is selected based on the desired performance indices of the vehicle. In practice, the effect of hybridization factor is observable on all the main indices of vehicle performance such as maximum speed, gradeability, pollutant emission, fuel consumption, etc. This ratio should be determined considering the desired performance indices and priorities. In this paper, the performance of an example electric vehicle is investigated through simulation results in ADVISOR software package for different hybridization factors. Finally, the optimum ratio is selected based on a weighted-sum objective function defined by analyzing the obtained data.
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ADVISOR; Hybrid Electric Vehicle; Hybridization Factor; Power Ratio Selection

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