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High Performance Shunt Active Power Filter Design Based on Fuzzy Interval Type-2 Control Strategies

Mohamed Abdeldjabbar Kouadria(1), Tayeb Allaoui(2*), Mouloud Denaï(3)

(1) Energetic Engineering and Computer Engineering Laboratory (L2GEGI), Ibn Khaldun University, Algeria
(2) Energetic Engineering and Computer Engineering Laboratory (L2GEGI), Ibn Khaldun University, Algeria
(3) School of Engineering and Technology, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
(*) Corresponding author



Shunt active power filters (SAPF) have been proved efficient to compensate for current harmonics in distribution grids. This paper deals with the design of high-performance control strategies for a three-phase SAPF to enhance the power quality and improve the DC link voltage regulation of the distribution network. Three fuzzy control methods, Type-1 and Interval Type-2 fuzzy logic controllers (T1FLC and IT2FLC) and interval Type-2 hybrid fuzzy logic controller (IT2HFLC) are considered. The performances of these controllers are evaluated in terms of harmonic mitigation and DC link voltage regulation under different operating conditions of the power system. The simulation study has been performed under MATLAB/SIMULINK and the results demonstrate that IT2HFLC is very effective in improving the power quality and very robust against parameter variations in the system.
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Active Power Filter; Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control; Power Quality; Harmonic Distortion

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