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LMI Approach for Robust Control of Interval System with Time Delay

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Robust control of uncertain time delay system is a challenging problem for control engineers. The problem becomes more difficult when the system is having interval parameters. This paper proposes a method for solving the problem of robust control of an uncertain time delay system with interval parameters. The interval system with time delay has been transformed to a nominal system with time delay. An LMI controller is designed for the nominal system corresponding to the interval system at different values of parametric uncertainties. Then among all the controllers of different cases of parametric uncertainties, determined the controllers which are suitable for all the cases. Then identified the common controllers which are also suitable for the interval system. From the singular value analysis and the worst case gain analysis, the best suitable controller for the nominal system has been determined. The method is illustrated using examples and is seen providing good control performance. The chosen controller is robust for the range of uncertainty associated with the system
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LMI; Robust Control; Interval System; Time Delay

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