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Using D-STATCOM in Voltage Regulation of Future Distribution Systems

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Due to the development of Distributed Generation (DG), which is installed in Medium-Voltage Distribution Networks such as generators based on renewable energy, voltage control is currently a very important issue. The voltage is now regulated at the MV bus bars acting on the On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) of the HV/MV transformer. This method does not guarantee the correct voltage value in the network nodes when the distributed generators deliver their power. In this study, the problem of using OLTC for the voltage regulation of a radial distribution feeder will be solved by using reactive power compensation using D-STATCOM at the DG connected bus. Simulation results reveal that the proposed control method is capable of maintaining the system voltage within the permitted range in the worst scenarios of the test system.
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Smart Grids; Distribution Systems; Distributed Generation; FACTS; D-STATCOM

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