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Harmonic Current Compensation and Reactive Power Based on Three-Level Shunt Active Filter Controlled by Fuzzy Logic Connected to a Photovoltaic Source

Abdelkader Yousfi(1*), T. Allaoui(2), A. Chaker(3)

(1) Polytechnic School of Oran, Algeria, Algeria
(2) Laboratory LGEGI. Department of Electrical Engineering, University Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret, Algeria
(3) Laboratory SCAMRE. Department of Electrical Engineering, E.N.P Oran, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author



This paper presents the design of optimal fuzzy logic controller, controlled an active power filter shunt (APFs) connected by a photovoltaic system for harmonics compensation and reactive power which is injected by non-linear loads. This method is applied to a APFs based on a three-phase voltage converter at three levels. The main paper's contribution is the use of three serial band-pass filters method, for reference currents calculation, and the application of fuzzy logic for better active filter current control accuracy. For pulse generation, we use the PWM strategy. The results presented in this paper clearly reflect the effectiveness of the proposed APF to meet the IEEE-519 standard recommendations on harmonic levels.
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Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); Total Harmonic Distortion (THD); Fuzzy Logic Controller; Photovoltaic

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