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Design and Implementation of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers for the Posture of Manipulator Robot Tip

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Uncertainty is an inherent part in controllers for real world applications. In this paper fuzzy logic controllers in two structure type-1 (FLCT1) and type-2 (FLCT2) are proposed, the FLCT2 introduce with three terms and with five terms to use as controller for the tip manipulator robot. We compare the performance of the manipulator robot with the FLCT1 and FLCT2, with five and three term membership functions. The controllers were used to control a PM DC motor model in a closed loop real time system. The results showed that there was statistical difference between the type-1 and type-2 controllers. It was also found that a type-2 three term controller was as good as a type-1five term or type-2 five term controller.
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Type-1 Fuzzy Logic; Type-2 Fuzzy Controller; Robot; Manipulator Robot

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