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Minimum Energy Input Control Problem on a Constrained Boundary Subregion

Layla Ezzahri(1), Ali Boutoulout(2*), Fatima Zahrae El Alaoui(3)

(1) Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
(2) Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
(3) Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



In this paper we focus on solving the problem of minimum energy control using the subdifferential approach. We show how one can steers a hyperbolic system from an initial state to a final one between two prescribed profiles, only on a boundary subregion Γ of the system evolution domain Ω. First we give some definitions and properties of this new concept, and then we concentrate on the determination of the control which would realize a given final state with minimum energy.
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Minimum Energy; Optimal Control; Subdifferential Approach; Hyperbolic Systems

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