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State Feedback Control System of a Bar and Beam Using Emulated Hardware in the Loop (HIL)

Camilo Andrés Cáceres(1), Jefry Mora(2), Dario Amaya(3*)

(1) Campinas State University, Brazil
(2) Nueva Granada Military University, Colombia
(3) Nueva Granada Military University, Colombia
(*) Corresponding author



Nowadays due to new technologies, many tools facilitate analysis and control of any system. Among the most used tools, exists the embedded systems, as a way of systems emulating under the concept of HIL (Hardware in-the loop); allowing quick and economic development of any type mechatronic product. This paper shows the results obtained in the design and development of control strategies for a process bar and ball, and this dynamic was implemented thought an ARM system, under the concept presented in this work HIL. In this model the variables analyzed where position, speed, angular position and angular velocity; additionally a 2D virtual environment was presented showing the operation of the bar-ball system according to an input signal obtained from the PC was implemented.
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Ball and Beam; Euler-LaGrange Model; Emulation on Embedded System; Hardware in the Loop (HIL)

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