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CNC-CMM Measurement Accuracy and Accompanied Uncertainty at Different Alignment Positions of Long GBs

Salah H. R. Ali(1*), Hossam M. Sidki(2)

(1) Engineering and Surface Metrology Dept, National Institute for Standards (NIS), Giza (12211-136), Egypt, Egypt
(2) Engineering and Surface Metrology Department, Length and Precision Engineering, National Institute for Standards (NIS), Giza (12211, 136), Egypt
(*) Corresponding author



Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is the most important computer numerical control (CNC) system in dimensional metrology. CNC-CMM is a major metrological tool used for guarantee the quality of engineering products due to its accuracy, precision, speed and general versatility in industry. The alignment position strategy of an object or product on CMM affects the measurement results. In this paper, the verification of CMM working performance with a touch trigger probe is presented. The influence of alignment of long gauge blocks (GBs) artifacts and its positions on CMM measurements have been studied and evaluated in the X-Y plane. This method treats CMM axis length errors of GBs measurements resulted due to their alignment at different angles. Parallelism and GD&T of GBs artifacts are also identified and evaluated. The combined standards uncertainty in measurement is estimated and achieved within the CMM maximum permissible error.
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Coordinate Metrology; Long Gauge Blocks; CNC-CMM Accuracy; Length And Parallelism Errors

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