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Study of the Contribution to the Robust Control of a Small Variable Speed Wind Turbine Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator: Comparison between PI Controller and Sliding Mode Controller

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This paper deals with a small wind energy conversion system based on PMSG in isolated sites. The aim is to model the wind chain conversion system based on the management and the control by means of PI and sliding mode controllers. A comparison between the control strategies proved the performance of the second technique in ensuring the stability of DC bus voltage irrespective to the fluctuation of the wind. The different simulation results of all the conversion chains realized under the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment, allowed the evaluation of the suggested system’s performance.
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Wind Turbine Model; Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG); Variable Speed Wind Turbine; Pulse Width Modulation Rectifier (PWM); PI Controller; Sliding Mode Controller (SMC)

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