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Simulation Approach to Robust Constrained Control

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The presented contribution introduces a simple methodology for robust control system design in case of the limitations on a manipulated variable. For this task efficient simulation and optimization tools of the MATLAB environment are fruitfully exploited. The control system design is based on the polynomial approach resulting in the pole-placement problem to be solved. This task is addressed numerically by means of the standard MATLAB functions for nonlinear constrained optimization to meet both the constraints on the control input signal and robustness of the resultant closed-loop. Some new control quality criteria and procedure are introduced for this purpose. The suggested methodology is illustrated practically on a simulation example with a classical feedback control configuration and one optimized parameter. The presented results of robust constrained control of a magnetic levitation system show applicability of the suggested approach.
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Constrained Control; Matlab; Polynomial Approach; Robust Control; Simulation

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